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Crazy Rocket Fuel

Vol. One

Feb. 15, 2010
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Milwaukee distaff rockabilly foursome Crazy Rocket Fuel make their retro country rockin' danceable while playing up bad girl imagery. Some of the language and metaphor they employ would surely have gotten Wanda Jackson a radio ban in her '50s heyday. These gals, however, work their sass factor hard as they would any guy who would dare step up to them.

Like current country singer Miranda Lambert, they're not above telling of how they would give a cheating man a taste of hot lead, but they add the local color of landing in the Taycheedah women's prison. The band, especially singer Kari Bloom, is especially fetching when the attitude plays into more developed lyrical narrative. On the rare occasions when a fella actually captures her positive attention, Bloom emotes with enough tenderness to make it believable, too. With custom car culture's affection for both rockabilly and tough chicks, these ladies could break out from genre pigeonholing in some crazily ingenious ways.

Rocket Fuel celebrates the release of its debut CD, Feb. 27 at Kochanski's Beer Hall.


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