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Changes in Semen Consistency and Color - What Does It Mean?

Jul. 5, 2012
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My wife and I have never had a strong oral sex relationship, but we have had one nonetheless. As usual, every time I would ejaculate, it was thick, white, etc. Aside from our sex life, I have kept a healthy habit of masturbation. I have been noticing that as of the last six months, my semen is now more watery and even has some yellow coloration to it, similar to that of old mayonnaise around the lid of a mayonnaise jar. I apologize for being gross or what have you; I am merely concerned that something may be wrong. Also, I was curious as to anything I could do to change my semen's smell or taste so that my wife would be willing to give me oral sex more often.

It's never a bad idea to consult with a health care provider if you've had a change in your normal body functions that concerns you. Don't worry about being gross—semen is a body fluid like any other, and changes in its consistency may be linked to an infection or a medication you're taking, as I discussed in a previous column on this topic. Your diet or fluid intake could also play a role. It's not uncommon for the consistency of semen to change as men age; several customers have mentioned to me that their ejaculate seems to be thinner and also that it emerges with less force as they have gotten older. It's hard to tell whether the changes you're noticing are anything to be worried about unless you talk to a health care provider, so please do not hesitate to make an appointment for yourself.

As for taste, what we ingest does affect our body fluids. Alcohol, smoking and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage or asparagus can make semen taste worse to some people, so limiting intake of these things may help. However, everyone has their own unique, natural flavor, which their partners may or may not like. Some people don't like the taste of any semen whatsoever, and some may find that one partner tastes fine to them, while another isn't quite so yummy. Also, there are other things besides the taste of semen that your wife might not enjoy about performing oral sex—for instance, some people feel like they're gagging or choking, some may have been taught that oral sex is dirty or distasteful and they have a hard time getting over that, and so on.

If you'd like more oral sex in your relationship, ask your wife about this—and be willing to reciprocate and give her more oral sex if she'd like that! If it turns out that the taste of semen is something that she doesn't enjoy, you can experiment with using flavored condoms during oral sex, or you can take care not to ejaculate inside her mouth. Ejaculating on another body part, like her breasts, can be a very hot finish.

There's also a new product on the market, Masque strips, which are kind of like Listerine breath strips that are specifically designed to “neutralize” unpleasant tastes associated with oral sex. We decided not to carry these at the Tool Shed for a number of reasons (some of which are listed in this somewhat snarky review, but you can buy them through the company's website if you think that this is something that might work for you and your partner.

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Laura Anne Stuart has a master's degree in public health and has worked as a sexuality educator for more than a decade. She owns the Tool Shed, an erotic boutique on Milwaukee's East Side.

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