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Pizza Terms You Should Know

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Aug. 30, 2016
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We all have ideas about what types of pizza we like to eat. With so many styles and variations out there, it may be helpful to know more about them. Here are some terms and definitions that may come in handy the next time you are faced with a pizza menu.

California-Style Pizza: A thin, crisp crust, often topped with unusually paired ingredients. Think Wolfgang Puck.

Chicago-Style Pizza: A deep-dish crust, made in a pan with high sides, topped with multiple layers of ingredients.

Focaccia-Style Pizza: A flatbread, typically crusted with herbs and cheese, which can serve as a bready pizza “crust.” Usually are served without sauce. 

Milwaukee-Style Pizza: A cracker-thin crust, crispy if done right, typically cut in “Tavern Cut” square pieces with classic toppings.

Neapolitan Pizza: A hand-tossed, medium-thickness crust pizza, topped with simple sauce made from fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. This style originated in Naples, Italy.

New York-Style Pizza: Consists of a thin crust, but chewy rather than crispy. Often cut in large triangular pieces so you can fold it and eat on the go. 

Sicilian Pizza: A thick crust, often square-shaped pizza, traditionally will include anchovies.

Stuffed Pizza: Similar to a Chicago-style pizza in that it’s made in a deep dish, but then the ingredients are topped with another layer of thin dough, sauce and cheese.

White Pizza: A pizza without tomato sauce.

Wood-Fired Pizza: As opposed to cooking in a brick or standard kitchen oven, wood-fired pizzas tend to cook faster because of the very high heat, plus they show bits of “char” around the edges and have a hint of smoky flavor.


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