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Beat the Labor (Day) Pains

Aug. 30, 2016
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It’s Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee, and that means cold beer, hot food and more fun than you can shake a beef jerky at. Whether you slide your heels across a dance floor, dig your spikes into a baseball diamond or strut your stuff at the Summerfest grounds, there’s plenty to see, do, drink and eat this week in Brew City. See the list of weekly happenings and celebrate the week in style. But first, let’s read an email from a gal who needs a three-day weekend to beat the bullies at work.

Dear Ruthie,
I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I’m being bullied at work. Maybe the fact that I don’t know means I’m not. I don’t know. There are three managers (all best buds) who leave me out of important conversations, discredit my ideas, ignore my suggestions and other things. One in particular is sort of mean. I can’t afford to quit, but I can’t take it any longer. They cause me so much stress. Should I quit or what? Am I being bullied?

Help Me Out of this Jam,

Stressed-Out Suzie

Dear Suzie Q,
What a bunch of pricks! Hopefully, they’ll all choke on their morning coffee and vending machine doughnuts. (There…I bet that made you feel better already, didn’t it?) First off, honey, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That said, I can’t really say if you’re being bullied or not, but if you’re feeling bullied, something is clearly awry. There’s a chance you’re being bullied by omission—leaving someone out purposely to make them feel bad, ensure their failure or cause stress. If you’ve already talked to the mean-some threesome, then kick things up a notch and meet with someone from your Human Resources Department.

It could be a matter of miscommunication, but if not you’ll need to take steps to address it. Ultimately, if you’re that unhappy update your resume and see if your dream job isn’t out there waiting for you!


Sept. 1: HamBingo for Ruthie’s Kennel Club at Hamburger Mary’s (2130 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.): Join me and my wacky crew as we play 10 free bawdy games of bingo to benefit Lucky Mutts Rescue, Community Cat and the Door County Sled Dogs. Shop Ruthie’s Cozy Corner, slam down a few frosty beverages and sink your teeth into the juiciest burger in town…all to help Wisconsin animals. The fun starts at 8 p.m. Call 414-988-9324 for reservations.

Sept. 2: Opening night of ‘The Wild Party’ at Next Act Theatre (255 S. Water St.): Take a character named Queenie, a few sexy brutes and all the fun and frivolity of the Roaring Twenties, and you’ve got this toe-tapping musical from All In Productions. Loaded with naughty numbers and pearl-clutching plot twists, this ode to New York’s Prohibition party promises to strike a chord with audiences. Call the box office at 414-278-0765 or visit nextact.org for tickets. The show runs through Sept. 17.

Sept. 2-4: Dairyland Classic Softball Tournament (Various Locations): Celebrate the long weekend with softball players from across the country! They’re descending on Milwaukee for the 40th installment of this yearly LGBT tournament. From the 5 p.m. registration party on Friday (at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel) to the games scattered throughout the city’s parks and to the closing party at The Point, this weekend party always brings a happy farewell to summer. See dairylandclassic.org for schedules, playing fields and more.

Sept. 3: Punk Fest After-Party at Riverwest Public House Cooperative (815 E. Locust St.): If the city’s punk rock festival wasn’t quite enough for you check out the fun at this closing party. Four bands share the stage throughout the night that starts at 9 p.m. The over-21 party involves a $5 door charge. See mkepunkfest.com for more on after party as well as the six-day punk extravaganza.

Sept. 3: Gods and Goddesses: A Queer Dance Party at Quarters Rock ’n’ Roll Palace (900 E. Center St.): Bring out your inner god or goddess with this bash hosted by The Miltown Kings. The drag king troupe offers up live performances, raffles and more for the $5 door charge; $3 if you’re dressed as your favorite Greek deity. The toga party starts at 10 p.m.

Sept. 4: The Big Gig BBQ at Summerfest Grounds (200 N. Harbor Drive): Hey little piggies, come and get it! Meijer foods serves up the best Brew City has to offer during this 5 to 10 p.m. barbecue, featuring numerous vendors. From finger-licking ribs to mouthwatering pulled pork, the city’s largest backyard barbecue has it all. Enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations, beer and more for the $15 admission fee.

Want to share an event with Ruthie? Need her advice on a situation in your life? Email DearRuthie@Shepex.com.


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