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Jazzy Downtown Cafe

Sep. 27, 2016
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Photo by Pat Robins
With a mirrored wall, portraits of jazz greats and a wide gamut of jazzy sounds coursing through its cozy confines, City.Net Café (306 E. Wisconsin Ave.) has a cosmopolitan, yet comfy take on a breakfast-lunch nook and coffee house. City.Net relies on a unique menu and the ability to prepare their several single-source and blended bean java varieties via their own in-house Abyssinia Coffee Roasters. 

Among their SAMiches—not sandwiches—is a satisfying salmon and egg affair served on a waffle, its fillings dusted with dried basil and served with a side of sweet syrup for dipping. Swap tomato for the egg, and it becomes a lunch item. Daily soups selections and specials such as rice and beans also figure into the midday fare.


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