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Jupiter In Velvet: The ONE In The Many (Free 2B Free)

Oct. 4, 2016
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Jupiter In Velvet is five albums into his career (or theirs since the band is rather prominent in his latest music video?). And the Milwaukee business major-turned-musician remains nothing if not consistent. The ONE In The Many translates the arty glamor of ’70s U.K. glitter rock, like Bowie and Roxy at their most outrageous, through the ’80s electronic aesthetic of British bands, such as Pop Will East Itself and The Wonder Stuff, into flamboyant, yet melodically efficient, dance-worthy rocking.

As JIV has matured after his departure from 2MorroW EvR AfteR, the project has matured from being more of a celebration of ego into something more egalitarian and inclusive. The music has expanded in scope as well. Are those hints of rockabilly guitar-riffing and a smidgen of a “Penny Lane”-styled brass chart you hear? Indeed. Almost like a Don Quixote battering the windmills of current pop convention with inclusive brashness and heart, JIV soldiers on in a singular style that, were it to explode into greater acceptance, would be a fine thing. But even as a cult act dedicated to following a drummer relatively few others follow, Many’s glamtastic fantasia beckons to a unique sonic experience. 


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