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La Dolce Vita…Part II

Oct. 11, 2016
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I’m usually not one for kicking dead elephants. But, there have been a couple of reactions to the Donald Trump fundraiser held by gay businessman Andy Nunemaker. The first was an interview by a local gay podcaster. It starts off with bro banter and moves on to Nunemaker’s past support of Mitt Romney ($16,000 donation in 2012). Nunemaker gushes over Romney’s gay cred stating, “Mitt Romney’s the first governor to pass gay marriage into law of any of the governors in the history of the United States!” The interviewer agrees, “Absolutely,” missing the glaring fact check alert. The truth is although Romney was indeed governor of Massachusetts at the time, it was the state’s Supreme Court that declared marriage equality. Romney opposed it and even supported a constitutional amendment to enshrine the institution as a union of one man and one woman.

Later, Nunemaker makes his case for Trump in terms of the Paul Ryan budget. He compares America’s “slippery slope” economic plight to today’s bread lines in Venezuela. He blamed socialist giveaways that created a dependent population. He forgot to mention the collapse of the oil-based economy, billions lost to corrupt cronyism of the wealthy elite. Anyway, he scoffed, “Do you think they’re worried about LGBT rights?” Apparently, Nunemaker’s vision uses Ryan’s budget to fix the economy and suggests saving our fight for equality “for another day.” Let’s be honest, if Trump became president, that day would never come.  

The reality is the Republican rationale is to elect anyone of their ilk in order to appoint Supreme Court judges. LGBT progress made under President Obama would be stopped in its tracks and, in deference to the religious freedom front, would likely be rolled back. Women’s rights, voters’ rights, education, environmental protections and workers’ rights would suffer as well.

Not addressed in the podcast was the threat of a coup (perhaps “putsch” is more appropriate) by white supremacist militias, echoed even by the Kentucky governor, and suggested by Trump himself should the Republicans lose their White House bid.

Meanwhile there’s a movement afoot to boycott the LGBT Community Center’s January Mardi Gras Celebration at the beautiful Nunemaker home. Someone on social media admonished the boycott instigators with a chiding don’t-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you, citing the tens of thousands of dollars Nunemaker has altruistically given to gay causes. Right…well, fact checking aside, the man does have the right to his political opinion just as those who oppose it do.

Meanwhile, with the mogul’s most recent hot mic moment, some rats are deserting the sinking GOP ship. Others are riding out the latest Trump tempest in hopes they’ll survive the shipwreck. By now they’re reaching for a vintage Trump Airlines vomit bag and a handful of Tic Tacs from that gorgeous sterling silver Georgian epergne over on the Stickley sideboard. 

As for that LGBT Community Center event, if Trump (or Pence) wins, it can just be postponed for “another day.” If not, I’m sure another generous gay would gladly offer an in-kind donation of their home for the occasion. I’d probably go. 


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