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Belt-Busting Menu at Jack Rabbit Slims

Oct. 18, 2016
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Jack Rabbit Slims (8028 W. National Ave.) is a wood-paneled hutch of a sports bar and restaurant beckoning with a colorfully cartoonish neon depiction of its mascot critter. Slims meat-intensive menu features multiple protein sandwiches, including an eight-ounce Angus bad boy topped with both chicken and a fried egg. 

The supreme sandwich at Slims, however, is the Belt Buster. On a brioche looking deceptively petite sits a mountainous amount of smoked chicken mixed amid beef brisket and pulled pork, with rings of raw onion, dill pickle chips, cheddar cheese and Kansas City barbecue sauce. Since there’s no upcharge for sweet potato fries as a side, go for those light orange, hand-cut beauties dusted with maple-cinnamon sugar. The combination was plenty filling, so it may have been a good thing to save Slims’ award-wining chili, the breaded and deep-fried jalepeños stuffed with cream cheese and the poutine topped with rib eye steak for another visit. 


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