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Sail the Great Lakes, Drive Around Wisconsin

Nov. 3, 2016
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Mention tall ships in Milwaukee and the Dennis Sullivan comes immediately to mind. But as shown in Kaitlin Morrison’s Tall Ships: History Comes to the Great Lakes, the Sullivan is one of 28 such vessels under sail in the region. OK, the author cheats a little. One entry in the book is on a German ship that visits the Great Lakes periodically. Most, however, were built in the states and call one of the inland coastal cities their homeport. The Dennis Sullivan and its fully rigged cousins each receive a description and a bevy of color photographs. 

If talk of sailing puts one in mind of travel, you may want to pick up Mary M. Bauer’s Wisconsin Day Trips by Themes. As the title claims, the handbook is arranged thematically—Amish Country through Geology, Archeology & Caves and the Wisconsin Dells. The section called Wine & Beer Lovers Tours, for example, includes informative blurbs on a dozen wineries and eight craft breweries.

Both books are published by Minnesota’s Adventure Publications.


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