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Wauwatosa Huế brings Vietnamese to West North Avenue

Second location hits the same high notes as the original

Nov. 15, 2016
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It’s been more than five years since Huế Vietnamese Restaurant in Bay View came onto the Milwaukee dining scene. The success and popularity of the restaurant led the owners to open a second location on the West Side. Huế Wauwatosa has proven itself to be a worthy extension of the brand. The menu is nearly identical, with the same high-quality ingredients and beautiful presentation. Also similar: the helpful servers and the comfortable, modern dining room. A larger overall dining space and a seasonal outdoor patio are among the few differences. 

Something to keep in mind before ordering at Huế: Portions are fairly sizable, and many dishes are well-suited to sharing. That said, make sure to begin with some of Huế’s amazing appetizers. You’ll get to try a little of everything with the Huế Sample Platter ($14), which includes one fresh spring roll and two each crispy egg rolls, tender charbroiled beef skewers and flavorful fried shrimp. The Wonton Chien Cua ($7.50), or Spicy Crab Rangoon, is excellent and not overly spicy.

Huế is well known for its traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, or Phở ($10-$16). Especially pleasing on a cold day, the giant bowls of richly flavored beef, chicken or mushroom broth serve as the base for the long (perfect for slurping) rice noodles, meat and veggies. In addition, the phở is accompanied with a tray of fun, mix-in condiments like Thai basil, jalapeño, fresh lime and bean sprouts. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this perfect comfort food.

Other entrées on offer include Bún (noodle dishes) and Cơm (rice dishes). One standout is the Bún Thịt Nướng ($14)—beef noodles featuring a mound of charbroiled, marinated beef and mixed vegetables over a bed of white vermicelli noodles, served with a yummy house-made egg roll. Another solid choice is the Ca Ri Gà ($16.50), or chicken curry—a beautiful, mild, yellow curry served over a bowl of colorful vegetables and chicken with jasmine rice. The dish (here called Ca Ri Chay) can also be served veggie only ($16) or with vegetarian “meatballs” ($18).

The Cơm Chiên ($13.50), or “kitchen sink fried rice,” is listed as a Huế specialty and is not to be missed. This fried rice is loaded with huge shrimp, Chinese sausage, barbecued pork and more of those bright vegetables. It is fried rice, but it isn’t greasy; the rice almost seems fluffy. 

Huế Wauwatosa has been a welcome addition to the developing East Tosa dining corridor and will likely continue to gain a following as loyal as the Bay View location boasts.

Huế Wauwatosa

6519 W. North Ave.




Handicap access: Yes

Hours: M-W, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Th-Sa, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; closed Su



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