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'What’s Become of Me' (Steering 23 Publications), by Scott Christopher Beebe

Dec. 20, 2016
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From a technical standpoint, What’s Become of Me is not the most well written. The run-on sentences are frequent and the text is often exhaustingly long to read. Author and Milwaukeean Scott Christopher Beebe even admits that his writing may not be correct as he wrote and edited the book himself.

But it’s not meant to be a polished novel; it’s meant to be an intimate dive into the mind of the author. Through a collection of autobiographical vignettes, fictional stories and poetry including one highlight where a 13-year-old Bebee and his friend dress up and speak like 19-year-old women to trick older men into having sex with them, we get to experience the world from Bebee’s perspective. Through his raw, unfiltered text and evocative descriptions, we feel like we’re in the mind of Bebee himself – not a sanitized version of it.

Bebee’s abrasive writing style enhances rather than hinders his work. In his words, “I want to crown myself as The King of The Run-on Sentence, and I will wear it proudly.”


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