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Spring Arts Guide 2017 Calendar: Dance in March

Feb. 21, 2017
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Sensoria/Caught Up in the Moment
Wild Space Dance Company
March 1

“First Friday Series”
Real Time
Danceworks Studio Theatre
March 3

Masters of improvisation and site-specific performance with an emphasis on the natural environment, aerial dancer Andrea Burkholder and her modern dancer spouse, Daniel, are in their second year of performance experiments held each first Friday of the month in changing neighborhoods. Guest artists, refreshments and conversation are included with each hour-long, you-set-the-price event. Performance sites this spring include Danceworks (March and June) and the Urban Ecology Centers in Washington Park (April) and the Menomonee Valley (May). (John Schneider)

Shen Yun
Milwaukee Theatre
March 3-5

Shen Yun comprises a touring company of Chinese American musicians and dancers who tell stories from their native country’s long and tempestuous history through dazzling artistry on stage. This is no vehicle of the Chinese Communist Party paying homage to Mao. In fact, Shen Yun cannot even be seen in today’s China. Shen Yun’s dance sequences are truly eye-popping—accompanied by a full orchestra of traditional Western and Eastern instruments. Performances consist of some 20 different set pieces, moving through 5,000-odd years of Chinese history interwoven with myths and legends. Animated backdrops add further to the often-stunning visuals. (John Jahn)

Stories from a Life
Danceworks Performance Company
March 3-12

Kiran Ahluwalia and Natya Dance Theatre
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
March 9

“Proyecto Bembe: Latino Carnival”
Latino Arts
March 10

Latin Fridays
Daync Studio
March 17

…of a kind
Danceworks Studio
March 25-April 2

Betty Saluman, founding director of this dance theater company that’s been making original performances in town since the early 1970s, has focused her work for decades on our natural environment and its impact on our community. She describes this new company co-creation as a kind of game in which dancers play with words and familiar expressions in a funny and tender meditation on “belonging-ness set against insider-outsider dealings.” She’ll play the sun goddess Sowilo on a “wild time space journey through science to science fiction.” (John Schneider)

“DanceScapes” (student production)
March 30-April 1

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