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The Expanse Between (Winter Goose Publishing), by Lee L. Krecklow

May. 2, 2017
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Voyeurism as inspiration is the engine powering Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel, The Expanse Between. The Milwaukee storywriter, whose short fiction has appeared in several prestigious reviews, sets his novel in an easily recognizable Milwaukee, albeit one that seems circa 1990 rather than 2017. His story concerns a trio of protagonists drawn together by a reclusive, once-famous writer who uses a struggling painter to spy on a troubled young woman. The woman lives across the street from the writer and is intriguingly visible through the windows of his apartment. Krecklow is especially good at describing emotional states as they arise from failed love and crumbled marriages.  

Lee L. Krecklow will discuss The Expanse Between at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 12 at the Historic Greendale Hose Tower, 5699 Parking St., Greendale.


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