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Skip Brunch and Treat Mom to Dinner

May. 11, 2017
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Haven't made brunch reservations for Mother's Day yet? You may be out of luck. But who says moms don't like dinner anyway? Here are some non-brunch spots to take your mom on Sunday. 

For meat and potatoes moms: Bodegon

Go all out and treat your mom to a 24-ounce dry aged T-bone. Sure it's pricey, but your mom is worth it. Grab a side of duck confit fingerling potatoes and you're golden. If you've got a group of four or more, try a new addition to the Spanish-inspired menu: acorn fed Bellota pork tenderloin. It comes grilled along with your choice of two sides. Start your meal with jamon Iberico or roasted bone marrow and mom will love you forever. 

For sports fan moms: 4th Base, after the Brewers game

Just a couple blocks away from Miller Park, 4th Base doesn't run a shuttle, but that doesn't mean you can't stop in after the game for a meal. There are no menus here, so pick what looks good in the display case, and then discuss your options with your server. Want three jumbo scallops with a side of risotto and grilled asparagus? No problem. Bacon wrapped tenderloin and mashed? Great. A huge cheeseburger? Whatever you want. 

For special diet moms: Cafe Corazon

Vegetarian and vegan moms will love the menu at both Cafe Corazon locations. The soy chorizo filling option is delicious, or you can opt for an herb tofu or sauteed veggies. There's a separate vegan menu, too, with things like a spicy mushroom ragout and vegan enchiladas. Gluten free moms will probably already know that corn tortillas used for chips and wrapped around tacos and other goodies are gluten free. So if your mom has lots of dietary restrictions, this might be a good place to start.

For moms who love cocktails: Goodkind

I've said it many times: Goodkind has the best cocktails in the city. They were one of the first restaurants to really focus on creating unique, complex cocktails—though other spots are now catching up quickly. The food here is fantastic too. Try the bucatini with crab and pepperoni tomato sauce. Many of the small plates are actually big enough for sharing, too, like the calamari and fried mushrooms. It's just an added bonus that it's so cozy inside.

For adventurous moms: DanDan

Everyone has a different comfort zone. If your mom wants to branch out from the usual Chinese-American takeout, give DanDan a try. You can get well done versions of favorites like crab rangoon and orange chicken, but you can also try foie gras potstickers, cumin lamb noodles, and a 3-course Peking duck service. It's bound to impress her without being too unfamiliar. 

For seafood-loving moms: Third Coast Provisions

Third Coast Provisions is the swankiest new kid on the block. If your mom appreciates modern, metallic décor and seafood, this is the place for her. There are plenty of oyster options on the raw bar, or get them grilled a few different ways. Shellfish lovers can't resist the lobster potholes, made like escargot in garlic butter but with crab and lobster instead of snails. And if you're not really a seafood person, no worries, they have some steaks too.

For moms who love a good burger: Merriment Social

Merriment Social has recently done what many of us have been wanting them to do since they opened: focus on their burgers. There are always a few to pick from now, including the classic version with two patties, American, bacon, pickles and burg sauce. If your mom loves burgers, chances are she hasn't tried them here yet. Try one of their giant, booze-filled, over-the-top shakes for an extra special treat.

For moms who love spicy food: AppeThai

Ordering a dish “hot” at AppeThai will leave most people sweating. That's perfect if you have one of those moms that challenges people to hot sauce tastings. The food, décor and presentation here is all a step above most Thai spots, too, so it's great for a special occasion. One of the two hottest dishes on the menu, the pad ped moo pah stir fries wild boar with chili paste and herbs. Get a Thai iced tea to cool your mouth off. 

Upcoming Beer and Dining Events

May 13: Grand Opening Street Party at the Pabst Brewery. This family-friendly outdoor street festival will feature eight bands and DJs, live art, games, and of course, beer. 

May 13: Coffee flight class in the Walsh Building. Pendulum Coffee is running this event, which will feature Anodyne, Kickapoo and Ruby coffees. Tickets $8. 

May 13: Farm Fresh Atlas Release Party and Fundraiser at Engine Company No. 3. Kyle Cherek MCs this dinner party and fundraiser for Farm Fresh Atlas of Southeastern Wisconsin, a free guide to local farms, markets and restaurants. Tickets $100. 


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