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Third Annual ‘Shepherd Express’ LGBTQ Progress Awards

Honoring Milwaukeeans who have made a difference

Jun. 6, 2017
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Despite political upsets during the last year, progress on all LGBTQ issues continues. For the third year, the Shepherd Express honors community leaders who have made a difference in the lives of the city’s gay, lesbian and trans residents with the LGBTQ Progress Awards. 

Milwaukee’s LGBTQ community has made amazing progress since PrideFest debuted 30 years ago. During those years, the Shepherd Express has always stood with the community and fought for their right to live and express themselves without harassment or prejudice. With this year’s LGBTQ Progress Awards, the Shepherd celebrates a diverse group of individuals, living and deceased, who worked in the public spotlight on behalf of the community.

There are many more heroes who will be recognized for their contributions in the coming years. Meanwhile, join us for the LGBT Progress Awards Ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 10, from 5:30-8 p.m. at Hot Water & Wherehouse Night Club, 818 S. Water St.

Louis G. Fortis



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