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Jupiter In Velvet: In2 the Arms of Love (Free 2b Free Records)

Jun. 6, 2017
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The amalgam of ’70s Anglo glitter and ’80s Goth by Milwaukee’s one-man band Jupiter In Velvet sounds vitally nostalgic on his fifth album, In2 the Arms of Love. But even amid 10 tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place playing between The Sweet, Sparks, Sisters of Mercy and Gene Loves Jezebel in an especially knowing DJ’s retro night-set list, Jup’ finds room to innovate, if incrementally. A fusillade of surf guitar given an extra layer of grimy feedback here, a bit of soul-gospel testifying vocalizing there, and Jupiter In Velvet’s continued paeans to a persevering, intergalactic utopianism of his idealistic imagination inject fresh inspiration to a rather singular musical vision in southeastern Wisconsin, and, perhaps, miles beyond.


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