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Daniel Goodenough's Reflections in a Distracted Age

Jun. 20, 2017
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In today’s stressful society, with its 24-hour news cycle, ever-present devices and constant distractions, many of us are seeking invigorating opportunities to disconnect from technology and delve more deeply into our life’s true purpose. Around the world, people discover spiritual awakening and contemplative personal reflection through prayer, meditation, nature and other diverse traditions. Daniel Goodenough, the co-founder of The Way of the Heart and author of the new book The Caravan of Remembering, invites us to learn to live more deliberately by expressing our deepest values and passions. Goodenough, who approaches spirituality from both scientific and artistic viewpoints, encourages people to embrace their true identity, forgive past errors and indiscretions, and act freely and with heightened self-awareness.

The Way of the Heart is an international organization that seeks to help people identify their life’s purpose and find creative ways to live more fully. They offer an extensive catalogue of courses that blend science, psychology, physics, life mission, art and spirituality to help students visualize an empowering reality.

Goodenough has created more than a dozen life-mission courses and helped thousands of people remember their life’s purpose. Goodenough will share his experiences and discuss The Caravan of Remembering at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28 at Unity Church, 1717 N. 73rd St.


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