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Everyone Has Something to Say in Sabley Sabin's 'everyone's stories are true'

Aug. 15, 2017
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The small stage at Inspiration Studios lends an intimate atmosphere to Sabley Sabin’s first original play, everyone’s stories are true, a three-act play exploring the depth of human connections, isolation, truth and love. You can almost feel the actors’ breath on your face, propelling you into the world Sabin is weaving before your eyes.

Don’t you ever wonder how it feels to be in another person’s head, to see things through the eyes of someone with different sensitivities, different experiences, different doubts, fears, tastes...? In everyone’s stories are true, Sabin makes us jump from one mind to the other, catching glimpses of people’s thoughts along the way in every life we encounter in this ethereal journey.

The play doesn’t follow one storyline or set of characters, but rather is a string of snippets showing us the daily lives of its many characters. Every time the lights go out we get another story, another time, another discussion. We barely get the chance to know the characters before they are already gone, replaced by others.

We meet a man who admitted to smoking pot to his life insurance company and discusses the value of integrity; another discusses happiness and regrets after burying his brother; and what about that girl who realizes her life is cluttered with paper and wants to go back to what really matters? She will get a smile out of you! As a former drama teacher, Village Playhouse’s Alexis Fielek does a great job directing a varied cast made up of veterans and newcomers. Although their performances are sometimes unequal, it is hard to hold it against the actors, who are all volunteers.

The show peaks in its second act, in which actresses Jessie Barr, Jordyn Rose Stewart and Mary Lynn Ferwerda tell the story of a woman longing for love, but terrified of it. The powerfully written tale of a relationship and the quirks of the human mind getting in its way is strengthened by its brevity—although it is like being given a treat and having it taken away before fully enjoying the intricacies of its taste.

Every weekend through Aug. 26 at Inspiration Studios, 1500 S. 73rd St., West Allis.


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