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Heroes of the Week: Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump Members

Aug. 16, 2017
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Photo via mkecat.com

Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT) is a young but hearty alliance of liberal Milwaukee-based groups meant to oppose and denounce the actions of President Donald Trump and his administration. In light of the Charlottesville events, and Donald Trump's failure to adequately address the problem, the need for more progressive voices in American politics is clearer than ever.

"MCAT came together from a group of organizations that called for a rally immediately after Trump was elected," the MCAT co-chairs explained in a group statement. Just like the organization they represent, MCAT co-chairs would rather talk as a whole rather than singling out a representative. "When thousands of people attended our rally on just two days notice, and as we saw millions take to the streets around the country, we knew that we were entering a historic period and would need to organize accordingly. Out of this effort came the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump."

Rather than just opposing President Trump's administration, MCAT actively fights the system that brought him to power. "Racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia, class exploitation—you name something that Trump represents, and that is something we wholeheartedly oppose," the co-chairs said.

MCAT gives grassroots groups a platform, organizing rallies and voicing the existence of an alternative to everything President Trump represents, but it mostly aims to support and empower the individual organizations that compose it. Young People’s Resistance Committee, United Workers Organization and more; there are no less than 18 groups that make up the unique network. And it is through the work of those 18 groups that progress is made. As such, people are encouraged to support and join organizations within MCAT that best represent their views and interests in order to make the whole greater.

"Trump has not had any advances, but only defeats in this period," the co-chairs add. "He failed at passing his health care bill, he has failed at building the border wall and every day his approval rating drops. But we stand at the ready, especially as Trump beats war drums around the world and stands with Nazis here at home."

For more information and a complete list of MCAT organizations, visit www.mkecat.com.


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