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Labor (Day) Pains

Aug. 29, 2017
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We’re all friggin’ tickled over the idea of a three-day weekend; but let’s not kid ourselves—Labor Day signals the end of summer. It represents the end of outdoor drinking, farmers markets, church festivals, backyard barbecues, lakefront silliness and Cream City warm-weather fun in general.


A bit too much gloom and doom? Perhaps. A pessimistic view of Mother Nature’s grandeur? Maybe. But let’s not kid ourselves. Labor Day is Jack Frost’s alarm clock, reminding him to blow icy chunks all over the good people of Milwaukee. So what are we supposed to do? Party!


Tell Jack Frost to screw himself, and be sure to soak up those last glorious day of summer during the three-day weekend. In fact, why not check out my social calendar and take in a few of the events listed. I’ll see you out and about, but until then—celebrate the summer goodness Milwaukee has to offer!


Dear Ruthie,

I’m dating a hoarder. The guy seemed like Mr. Right, but after two months he shared his secret and let me come to his home. (If you can call it a home.) The house was packed floor to ceiling with crap. Clothes, boxes, books, newspapers, furniture and even a motor for a boat. The place smelled like old food also. The two-car garage is so full of stuff he can’t get his car inside, thus the boat motor in the house, I suppose.


I was shocked. He seemed completely clean and together. He has a good job and has a great outlook on life so this really surprised me. He said many of his friends don’t know either. (Although this explains why he likes eating out so much. He admitted he can’t cook in his kitchen, and he can only use a small microwave.)


Other than this, we have a great relationship. We really do. If I didn’t know about this, I’d say things were near perfect. So, what do you think? Is he Mr. Right or not?

Love Your Column,

Messy Matrimony


Dear Messy,

Tell your sloppy sweetie to clean up his act or this relationship is headed down the drain. I’m no doctor, but there’s a good chance that his hoarding tendencies (as you describe) are tied to some emotional issues that likely need addressing. Is he getting help? If so, support him. If not, gently ask him to see a therapist about his behavior. Hell, you can even offer to go with him for moral support.


Seeking professional help could result in making him the man of your dreams. If he refuses to go, then you’ll have to follow your gut and see if your heart has room for your hoarding honey.


Ruthie’s Social Calendar:


Sept. 1: Wisconsin Badger Season Opener at Mary’s BeerCade (734 S. Fifth St.): Kick off the long weekend by cheering on the boys in red and white, during the Badger season opener at 8 p.m. Multiple screens, drink specials, free arcade games, pinball, a beer garden and more make this the perfect spot for checking out tight ends and wide receivers…as well as watching the game.


Sept. 1: Gay-Straight Alliance Night at Fat Daddy’s and D.I.X. (739 S. First St.): Gay? Straight? No one cares during this party that kicks off at Fat Daddy’s at 9 p.m. Grab a drink ticket and hold onto it until the party moves next door to D.I.X. There, you’ll enjoy a drag show, meet Jaymes Mansfield from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” suck back discounted drinks and more!


Sept. 2: Family Coffee at Colectivo (6745 W. Wells St.): Grab a cup of joe and make new friends with those over 50 in the LGBTQ and allied community during this delightful social. Network to your heart’s content during the 10 a.m. event, hosted by the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center. Food and beverages are for sale but not provided, so grab your pocketbook, honey cakes!


Sept. 3: Big Gig BBQ at Summerfest Grounds (200 N. Harbor Drive): Pork is king at this finger-licking, lip-smacking celebration. More than a dozen local and regional barbecue greats serve up their slathered suppers for you alongside local brews, live music and more. Vote for your favorite barbecue, watch the celebrity bacon-eating contest, check out the children’s activities, play some lawn games and enjoy music on two stages. You’ll even find free admission and parking during the noon to 7 p.m. piggy party.


Sept. 6: LGBT Resource Center Fall Meet & Greet at UWM (2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.): New students and returning alumni get together at this mingler that keeps the emphasis on new friends, encouragement and what resources the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has to offer LGBTQ students. Meet the staff of the center, learn about the services available and more during the 4 to 6 p.m. meet-and-greet.


Want to share an event with Ruthie? Need her advice on a situation? Email DearRuthie@Shepex.com.


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