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WMSE Gets A New Transmitter

Video of the new Installation

Oct. 28, 2008
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From WMSE:

On Thursday, October 23, a crane lifted the new transmitter and all of its corresponding new components onto the roof that houses our tower, and Jules and B.E. (for those not in the know, that means Broadcast Engineer) Dave Janzer of Associated Technical Services, Inc. are working their transmission magic.

This is a super exciting time for WMSE. With the world is such a dire mood these days, 91.7FM is here for you to help release you from doomsday prognosticators and loud-mouth shock jocks. We've been helping for over 27 years, and we plan to stay that essential and entertaining part of your lives through and through, not only through your radio dial, but through new technologies, new online capabilities, new new new new new! We're moving forward and hope you move forward right along with us. What you love won't go away; we simply want to find as many ways to help you as possible.

You Can See The Video Here


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