County Spokespeople Sent Regular News Updates to Scott Walker’s Campaign

Feb. 20, 2014
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I’m beginning to wonder if the job descriptions for county workers included the requirement that they had to be in touch with Scott Walker’s campaign aides at all times. 

Walker’s spokeswoman, Fran McLaughlin, was one of the conduits between the county and campaign staff. When she got a question from a reporter, she immediately had to send it to a personal email account, then cover her tracks and send it to another email account (, then send it to Walker’s campaign team. Every press release had to be vetted by the campaign, too, prosecutors said.

McLaughlin was given immunity and still works for the county.

Then there’s Bob Nenno, McLaughlin’s deputy, now the proclamations director for the state of Wisconsin.

Nenno, like McLaughlin, was part of the campaign/county team of insiders.

Seems that both McLaughlin and Nenno sent daily news updates to Walker’s campaign. And no surprise here—Walker was copied on the emails.

Here’s just one of Nenno’s emails to the group, during the regular work day, but there are plenty more.



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