Seven Days of Samsara Are Regrouping For a Show

A reason to sing, next month at the Public House

Mar. 11, 2014
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seven days of samsara
Milwaukee's Seven Day of Samsara never formally broke up, but you could be forgiven for assuming they had. It's been about a half decade since the mathy, violently heavy turn-of-the-century hardcore band played their last show, and even longer since they released new music. For at least one night, though, the group is getting back together: They'll play a show Sunday, April 13 at the Riverwest Public House with Savannah's Circle Takes the Square. What Seven Days of Samsara might even sound like in 2014 is hard to imagine, but for newcomers to the local hardcore scene ("newcomers" being a very relative word here) this is a chance to see one of the smartest, most challenging hardcore groups the city ever produced.

Details on the show are here, and you can stream the band's old splits and 7-inches on Bandcamp.


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