Damn Right Dogs in Ecstasy Google Themselves

Mar. 17, 2014
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dogs in ecstasy

Milwaukee rockers Dogs in Ecstasy sound like the type of musicians who are always heading to libraries and coffee shops because they don't have their own Internet connection at home, so it's somewhat ironic that the group's latest single, "I Google Myself"/"I'm a Man," is a treatise on online culture. Regardless of whether the word Google is taken literally or as a double entendre, each of these songs is a study in self-love and narcissism. "Come on and tag me in a post because I have needs, I am a man," the group declares on the latter track, a buzzy critique of selfie culture that plays like a bitter post-script to Decibully's World Travels Fast—only faster and funnier, because that's how Dogs in Ecstasy play all their songs. Like their awesome fuzz blast of a cassette Dat Cruel God last year, the group is mostly fucking around here, but that doesn't mean they can't make a few serious points in the process.

Stream the single below, via Bandcamp.


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