Kick Off Your Spring with Space Raft's "We Are Not Alone"

Mar. 24, 2014
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space raft

Tailgate weather isn't even here yet, but Milwaukee already has an early grill-out album of the year frontrunner in Space Raft's upcoming self-titled debut for Dusty Medical Records, an effusive guitar-pop record in the tuneful spirit of '70s rockers like Big Star and Slade. (Among Space Raft's other qualities: It's also a vaguely sci-fi concept album with the good sense not to rub your nose in all its stars and planets imagery in case you're not into that kind of thing.)

The band will play an album release show on Saturday, May 10 at the Cactus Club with Doug Tuttle and Technicolor Teeth, but in the meantime you can hear one of its highlights, the shimmery sing-along "We Are Not Alone." Crack a beer and stream it below.


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