Behold, The Most Unfortunate Brewers T-Shirt Ever

Mar. 24, 2014
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carlos gomez shirt
The Brewers revealed a series of personality-themed T-shirts on Friday, and they're mostly innocuous representations of each player: Jean Segura's has a chef's hat on it, because Jean Segura apparently likes to cook; Scooter Gennett's has a bunch of trippy stars and such on it, because Scooter Gennett listens to too much reggae; that sort of thing. None of them are triumphs of design, by any means, but even Gennett's mock head-shop design is downright tasteful compared to the sad shirt Carlos Gomez has been saddled with.

The hard-playing center fielder's shirt is marked with a stain meant to represent his gift for making tough plays by diving in the dirt. But dirt, as most baseball fans can attest, is brown, while the fake stain on Gomez's shirt is an unnerving bright orange, making it look less like Gomez has slid into home plate than a chili dog has slid into him.

On the off chance you were looking for a shirt that looks like a Golden Glove winner's used bib, you can find the shirts on sale now at the Brewers team store in Miller Park.


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