It’s Election Day. Vote. Polls Are Open Until 8 p.m.

Apr. 1, 2014
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The title says it all. It’s Election Day, so make your voice heard and head out to the polls. They’re open until 8 p.m., and you get that awesome sticker when you’ve cast your ballot. 

You can find your polling place and sample ballot on the Government Accountability Board’s website. (Click on “regular voter” if you want to vote today.)

You don’t need a photo ID to vote in this election, and you can register today if you haven’t registered at your current address. Here’s some information from the GAB about voting and registration issues.

It’s a nonpartisan election with a few referenda here and there. In Milwaukee County, there’s a binding referendum on cutting the Milwaukee Board of Supervisors’ pay. It’s the tail end of a sweeping state-mandated reform that cut the board’s powers and its support staff. The Shepherd editorialized against it and asks that readers vote “no,” so you can read it here and then make up your mind.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court judges are also on the ballot. A number of incumbents are running unopposed. Newcomer Janet Protesiewicz is running unopposed. But there is a contested race for Branch 32, between Cedric Cornwall and Laura Gramling Perez. The Shepherd endorsed Protesiewicz and Perez.

A number of suburban officials are also on the ballot. The Shepherd endorsed here and there. Again, read it and make up your mind about how you want to vote.

Lastly, an anti-Citizens United, pro-democracy advisory referendum is on the ballot in a number of communities. This would affirm that only humans are people—not corporations—and limiting money in elections isn’t a violation of the right to free speech. The referendum is nonbinding and advisory only. The intent is to get a wide swath of communities to vote yes to put pressure on lawmakers to develop a constitutional amendment that would affirm our right to be heard. The Shepherd urges residents in these communities to vote “yes.”

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