The First 5 Beers You Should Drink Outside This Year

Apr. 8, 2014
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Few things are as satisfying as those first beers outside somewhere. Especially after The Winter That Was. So with something this meaningful it’s important not to screw it up. Here are some of the first beers you need to enjoy outside this year.

1. Monkey King Farmhouse Ale  New Holland Brewing

Like spring, it starts off sharp and a little spicy reminding you that winter is still a nightmarish reality. It then finishes warm and soft with dark fruit and floral undertones that wink at what’s to come: being on only one antidepressant instead of three.

Where to drink it outside: A stoop (doesn't even have to be yours)

2. Little Sister Belgian Wheat – Door County Brewing Co.

It’s a very enjoyable, sunny wheat ale with an even taste that lingers. But it’s the nose of this beer that really makes it worthwhile. The moment it’s poured you get tickled with an aroma of flowers, citrus, honey and lemongrass. Just imagine a fairy burp and you basically got it.

Where to drink it outside: Clearly on a tire swing

3. Drop Dead Blonde Ale – Stevens Point Brewery

It’s 110 calories. Drink the 6-pack.

Where to drink it outside: Your backyard and eventually the roof of your garage

4. Hopdinger Pale Ale – O’so Brewing Co.

This pale ale has your classic hoppy, (very) piney nose and pours a nice copper hue. If you’re not familiar with pale ales they often tend to be bitter, making it tough to drink more than two at a time. Hopdinger, though, is dangerously drinkable with just a tease of bitterness that keeps you going back to the cooler.

Where to drink it outside: Fashion yourself a nice sittin’ log or simply just find one

5. Maibock – Capital Brewery

Listed at 6.2% ABV, this is a nice springy beer that, unlike spring this year, sneaks up on you. It’s a very drinkable bock with flavors of sour fruit dominated by semi-sweet breadiness. Pouring a bold brass hue with minimal lacing, this is a safe and satisfying beer to wave in the warmer days. And get a solid buzz going.

Where to drink it outside: A cool paddle boat (doesn't necessarily need to be in water)


Sound good? Try them for yourself. Be sure to check out Stein & Dine 2014 on April 26th where these breweries and many more will be sampling their beers with cheese, sausage and chocolate pairings. 


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