Maxwell Will Kick Off His 2014 "Summer Soulstice" Tour in Milwaukee

Apr. 21, 2014
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Maxwell may not be the most reclusive of all the great neo-soul singers—that honor still belongs to D'Angelo, for now—but he works at a mighty slow clip. With his 1996 debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, Maxwell helped establish mellow, groove-based neo-soul as a commercially viable alternative to the more dance-based R&B of the time, but after his 2001 album, Now, he willfully retreated from the spotlight for some extended downtime. It took eight years, but he returned in top form on 2009’s BLACKsummers’night, an elegant, utterly gorgeous record that swiftly returned the singer to the airwaves and earned him a pair of Grammys.

He's been promising a sequel for years, but in the meantime he's offering fans something else to tide them over: a 35-city plus "Summer Soulstice" tour that will kick off in Milwaukee on Saturday, June 14 at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater. Tickets start at $25.25 and top out at $106.25 and go on sale Friday, April 25 at noon.


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