Miller Park Introduces the Hank House, a House for Hank

It has a little slide for Hank to go down

Apr. 21, 2014
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the hank house hank the dog miller park
Brewers fans visiting Miller Park this week will likely notice a new addition: The Hank House, "a roomy, one bedroom Cape Cod-style dwelling" for Hank, the team's resident mascot/philanthropist/dog. The name is a little misleading: It won't actually be Hank's home—he lives with a family—but it will serve as a home base of sorts for when Hank is at Miller Park, a place for him to pose for photos, hand out giant checks to charities, take important conference calls, etc. So it's more like the Hank Office than anything, but that doesn't have the same ring to it. It also features a slide modeled after Bernie Brewer's.

Below you can watch a Vine of Hank sniffing down his new digs and determining, after being bribed with a quick treat, that it meets his high standards. The structure will debut in center field at tonight's game and then move around the stadium throughout the season, so it's really more of a mobile home. Or mobile office. Whatever.


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