Phox, Vic and Gab and Volcano Choir Take Home Top Awards at the WAMIs

Apr. 28, 2014
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The Wisconsin Area Music Industry revealed the winners of its 34th annual WAMI Awards last night at an awards show at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, giving top honors to Madison's rising indie-pop band Phox (artist of the year and alternative rock/rock artist of the year) the Justin Vernon supergroup Volcano Choir (album of the year) and the Milwaukee sister-sister duo Vic and Gab (song of the year and pop rock artist of the year). The ceremony also inducted three artists into the WAMI Hall of Game: Janet Planet, Warren Wiegratz and Woody Herman.

The complete list of winners is below.

Artist of the Year: PHOX
Album of the Year: Volcano Choir “Repave”
Song of the Year: Vic and Gab “Let You Down”
Female Vocalist of the Year: Lyndsay Evans (Sexy Ester)
Male Vocalist of the Year: Cory Chisel (Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons)
New Artist of the Year: Joe Neary Band
Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Nora Collins
Rising Star of the Year: Bad Habitz
Alternative Rock/Rock Artist of the Year: PHOX
Folk/Celtic Artist of the Year: Blessed Feathers
Bluegrass/Americana Artist of the Year: Hugh Bob and the Hustle
Blues Artist of the Year: Altered Five
Christian/Gospel Artist of the Year: Lightswitch
Country Artist of the Year: Grand Union
Cover Artist of the Year: Half Empty
Hard Rock/Metal Artist of the Year: Conniption
Jazz Artist of the Year: Nineteen Thirteen
Polka Artist of the Year: Steve Meisner
Pop Rock Artist of the Year: Vic and Gab
Hip Hop /Rap Artist of the Year: Pizzle
R&B/Soul Artist of the Year: The People Brothers Band
World/Reggae/Ska/Latin Artist of the Year: Unity the Band
Club DJ/Dance/Electronic Artist of the Year: Antics
Horn/Big Band of the Year: Extra Crispy Brass Band
Tribute Band of the Year: Separate Ways
Bass Player of the Year: Conway Powell (Carlos Adames Group, John Frye Band, Tomcat Joe)
Drummer of the Year: Andrew Klaus (Shaker and the Egg)
Guitarist of the Year: Dean Arndt (Metal Men)
Keyboard Player of the Year: Danny Moore (Rev Raven & the Chain Smoking Altar Boys, Danny Moore & the Boggie Woogie Flu)
Reeds/Brass Player of the Year: Kevin Klemme (trumpet – Extra Crispy Brass Band, Herman Astro, Tweed Funk)
Strings Player of the Year: Janet Schiff (cello – Nineteen Thirteen)
Producer of the Year: Marc Golde (Rock Garden Studio)
Recording Studio of the Year: Rock Garden Studio
People’s Choice Awards:
            (Northeast)  Bands: Adams Way
                                    Venue: J J Maloney’s
Radio station: 105.7 WAPL
Music Teacher: Mark Budwit
            (Northwest)   Bands: The Goddamns
                                    Venue: The Polack Inn
Radio station: Rock 94.7 WOZZ
Music Teacher: Combined with Northeast due to low voting totals
            (Southeast)    Bands: Georgia Overdrive
                                    Venue: Summer Sounds (Cedarburg)
                                    Radio station: 88.9 WYMS
                                    Music Teacher: Derek Machan
            (Southwest)   Bands: The Pat Watters Band
                                    Venue: Taste of Madison
                                    Radio station: 97.1 WCOW
Music Teacher: Combined with Southeast due to low voting totals


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