Shepherd Express and Readership Grows

May. 3, 2008
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The March/April Media Audit will be released sometime in the next few weeks.

In that audit it will show the Shepherd Express readership number increasing again. We grew 12% year-over-year from August/September 2006 - August/September 2007.  Our print readership for that time frame grew to 258,800.  We can now claim over 287,000 print readers each month.

Our online readership numbers are also increasing at a sizable rate. We can now claim an additive, non-duplicated number to our print readership of between 55,000 - 76,000 monthly uniques. These numbers come from Google Analytics and Quantcast.

In stark contrast to what is happening with daily newspapers, weeklies appear to be enjoying a higher pick-up rate and readership.


THE MEDIA AUDIT is a multimedia, qualitative audience survey that covers over 450 target items for each rated media's audience. These qualitative data points cover things such as socioeconomic characteristics, life styles, business decision makers, product purchasing plans, retail shopping habits, travel history, supermarket shopping, stores shopped, products purchased, fast-food restaurants eaten in, soft drink consumption, brands purchased, health insurance coverage, leisure activities, banks used, credit cards used and other selected consumer characteristics important to local media and advertisers.


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