Hey Diddle Diddle At Sunset

May. 13, 2014
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hey diddle diddle play
The Sunset Playhouse’s Bug in a Rug Children’s Theatre is theater that welcomes younger audience members than just about any other theater program in town. Toddlers and their parents pull up carpet squares and sit around doing crafts and things in the midst of a stage on which are performed shows written to appeal to every age of kid on some level. As with all the best children’s fare, there’s even the occasional nod at more sophisticated humor for parents.

The next one-weekend-only Bug in a Rug show will be staged this coming weekend as the Sunset Playhouse presents Hey Diddle Diddle. Whimsically nonsensical childhood surrealism gets adapted for the stage in an inspirational, little stage show designed for children of just about any age. (Children under 2 years of age are free when accompanied by a sibling. Kids’ admission is $5. Adult admission is $10.)

Hey Diddle Diddle runs May 15 - 17. For ticket reservations, call the box office at: 262-782-4430 or visit Sunset Playhouse online.


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