Two Night-Only Milwaukee Debut

May. 16, 2014
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everyones stories are true
Poet and author Sabley Sabin’s first play debuts tonight at Theatre Unchained. It’s called, Everyone's stories are true.

Milwaukee needs more original work and it’s really nice to see something new get staged. I don’t remember seeing a press release on this one, so there isn’t much info available, but here’s the copy from the official listing with Theatre Unchained:

The show consists of three acts: Act One - the conversations, Act Two - runner, and

Act 3 - open letters, and features local

actors Clarence Aumend, Jessie Barr, Alejandra Gonzalez, Derek Jacobs, Gracie Limbach, and Erico Ortiz in a variety of roles.” 

Poet and author Sabley Sabin’s first play, weaves together three acts of stories about the human struggle to connect and become known.  As much poet as playwright, Sabin’s characters remain real and human, while walking a surprisingly thin line between what is said and what is true.  Gay, straight, young, old, and universal, Sabin’s characters aim for that sweet spot in communication between the listener’s attention and the speaker’s willingness to be vulnerable. 

A woman boxes up the paper in her life to protect herself from loss. A couple fights.  A woman struggles to overcome her fear of commitment and truly trust.  A couple fights.  A young man misses his grandfather.  After a funeral, a father and his grown daughter try to answer the age old question: are you happy?

Everyone's stories are true runs May 16 and 17 at Theatre Unchained on 1024 S. 5th St. For more information visit Theatre Unchained online.


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