Oleanna Opens In June With The Alchemist

May. 17, 2014
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The Alchemist Theatre operates far enough outside the traditional theatre schedule that they tend not to pay attention to things like “theatre seasons.” Early next month, they will be staging one of the first shows to open after the close of the 2013/2014 theatre season: David Mamet’s Oleanna. 

Mamet’s complex early '90s drama about a student who is accusing her teacher of sexual harassment should be brought into sharp relief on the small stage. This is a two-person drama in the type of studio theatre environment where such a thing really thrives.

Erin Eggers makes her directorial debut with the piece. Eggers has worked with the Alchemist in a variety of different capacities in the recent past both onstage and off. 

David Sapiro of the web series Leaving Eden stars as the embattled university professor.  Kendall Arbrand makes her Alchemist debut as the young woman who has been described as one of Mamet’s most complex female characters.

The Alchemist Theatre’s staging of Oleanna runs June 19 through July 12 at the Alchemist’s space on 2569 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. For tickets visit Alchemist Theatre online.


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