Theatre Unchained Presents "Durang, Durang"

May. 19, 2014
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Best known for full-length works like Sister Mary Ignatius, The Marriage of Bette and Boo and Betty's Summer Vacation, playwright Christopher Durang also wrote quite a few shorts. Theatre Unchained stages a program of shorts by the playwright on a program which opens this week.

The shorts included on Durang, Durang are an absurdist laughing in the face of tragedy. The set has been described as uneven. Sometimes it’s quite simple and un-evolved humor. Sometimes it’s toweringly insightful genius. In any case, it’s an enjoyable series of shorts that takes the time to fire a few satirical jabs at the likes of Tennessee Williams and Sam Shepard.

Theatre Unchained’s studio theatre staging of Durang, Durang runs May 23 through June 8 at 1024 S. 5th St. For ticket reservations, call (414) 391-7145 or visit Theatre Unchained online.


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