Fundraiser for Romeo And Juliet Parody

May. 23, 2014
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The lovely, young talented Emilie Lozier will be playing Juliet. The equally lovely, equally young and every bit as talented Joey Flegel-Mishlove will be playing Romeo. It will be a comedy. It will be a parody of Shakespeare’s classic written by Milwaukee comedy staple Patrick Schmitz. This is going to be in August (21-23) at the Next Act Theatre. Before this can happen, however, money needs to be raised.

This May 31, Schmitz and company will be holding a fundraiser for the independent production at ComedySportz on 420 S. 1st St. The fundraiser opens its doors at 7 p.m. It will feature local improv, stand-up and sketch comedy acts as well as scene readings from the play, raffles and a chance to join everyone in an open improv jam.

For more information, visit the fundraiser’s Facebook page.


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