Rebirth Performance in West Allis

May. 29, 2014
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luna coffeeshop

Riverwest visual artist Renée Luna Bebeau will be opening a show in West Allis’ Inpspiration Studio Gallery next month. As a part of opening weekend for the show, she will be there at the gallery engaging in a performance that sounds interesting.

The show of her work is called “nature morte.” At 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 8, Bebeau will be performing “rebirth.” The installation for “nature morte” is a recreation of a funeral parlor setting with floral/still life paintings. Her 45 minute performance encourages viewers to take part by sprinkling seeds on her indoor grave and making wishes for personal growth and rebirth. After the performance. the seeds and soil will be collected into containers and taken home by the viewers to plant in their gardens.

This could be a really interesting abstract performance with a genuine kind of transformative energy about it that should fit an early summer mood quite well.

For more information visit Inspiration Studios Gallery online.

Bebeau also has a website
for those interested in her work.


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