The New Death Blues Video Will Melt Your Face Off

Jun. 2, 2014
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jon mueller
Drummer Jon Mueller has spent a good chunk of the last couple of years recording, promoting and touring behind the latest Volcano Choir album, Repave, but that hasn't kept him from his many other projects. This month he'll release his latest record with Death Blues, Non Fiction, an album divided into two epic suites the length of an LP side, and today Tinymixtapes premiered the first taste of that album, a video for an excerpt of one of those tracks, "Do." Like the magnificently tense debut Death Blues album, Mueller's innovative percussive textures are at the front of the mix, but this track is even heavier and more psychedelic than anything on the first Death Blues album, working itself into a nasty math-metal lather as it dials up the volume.

Non Fiction comes out June 17 on Sige Records. You can stream the Kaveh Soofi-directed video below.


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