Legally Blonde in Greendale

Jun. 9, 2014
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Next month, Greendale Community Theatre opens its production of the popular musical Legally Blonde. Last year’s production of Les Miserables set an attendance record for GCT. This year, they are shifting over to something much more lighthearted in a musical based on a light and fluffy Hollywood comedy from 2001. They’re looking to exhibit a thematic versatility with a comedy that’s just as successful as last year’s drama.

Stephanie Staszak makes her directorial debut with the production. She’s been onstage before, evidently preferring to choreography. She’s excited to be directing this one. She’s stated that she’s been choreographing this show in her mind since she first saw it years ago.

From the press release:

“Three words come to mind when explaining this show: energy, intelligence, and crispness.” Staszak said. “It thrives off the fact that it is so well written lyrically and musically. The audience can't help but dance in their seats, and at the same time, actually care about the story and characters.”

Greendale Community Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical runs July 24 - Aug. 2 at the Greendale High School Auditorium on 6801 Southway in Greendale. For more information, visit Greendale Community Theatre online.


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