Relive the Roaring 1950s with Brief Candles' "Terry Nation" Video

Jun. 12, 2014
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brief candles terry nation
Last year Milwaukee shoegaze wizards Brief Candles broke from their usual tradition of taking their sweet damn time to release an EP with relatively quick turnaround. The Newhouse EP wasn't a huge departure for the group, and though it was quicker, looser and jauntier than the ornate shoegaze pastiches of their earlier efforts, it still pulled generously from the same pool of late '80s and early '90s underground rock. It's fitting, then, that the new music video for the EP's standout track "Terry Nation" is a throwback to the recycled-footage montage videos that dominated "120 Minutes" back in the day. Directed by Ryan Sarnowski, the video is a rush of clips from Eisenhower-era America, a celebration of the oversize cars, uninhibited dance moves and killer robots that so fully captured the American imagination during the Cold War.

Stream it below.


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