TIM Comes Fourth

Jun. 19, 2014
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There are all kinds of reasons why things seem a bit confusing these days. The weather can’t seem to decide what season it is. The summer movie season started in April this year. People are doing unspeakable things in the name of the fictional. And The Improvised Musical is occurring on the fourth Thursday of the month.

I know it’s confusing. This week IS the third week in June. I checked a calendar on this. (A few times.) No TIM this week though. TIM always comes on the third week. Why has TIM forsaken us?

The truth is, TIM is coming one week later than usual—the FOURTH Thursday of the month this time around. (Weird. I know.) This month’s T.I.M. hits the stage of ComedySportz June 26. Everything else is normal as near as I can make out: a group of talent improv comics who also have some great experience in musical theatre will be joined by a really cool band. They will take a suggestion from the audience for a title. They will do a long-form musical improv bit around it. So all of that is the same. Only it’s going on one week later than usual. So it’s going rto be kind of weird. But everything else is normal.

For more information, visit their website. And don’t be confused by the June 2014 date on that website. This month’s T.I.M. is on June 26 as per their Facebook event listing.


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