Animal Farm at Trinborn Farm

Jun. 17, 2014
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Back in the mid-19th century, Werner Trimborn and Jacob Kier purchased a lime-producing property south of Milwaukee. They had quickly become the largest producers of quality lime in Wisconsin. By the 1870s, there were 40 people working there. Things changed in the early 20th century. The land was subdivided and sold off. The bulk of it went into dairy farming. By 1935, the farm was purchased by the federal government as part of the planned agricultural community that we now know as the village of Greendale. By 1945 George Orwell’s Animal Farm had been published. This would have no connection at all were it not for the fact that some of the land, which is now officially designated a Milwaukee County historical site, is being used as a performance space for The Quasimondo’s unique stage adaptation of Orwell’s political classic.

From the official announcement:

Inspired by Orwell’s timeless tale, this original theatrical adaption examines the slippery slope of liberation, the erosion of right(s), and the high cost of consumption. Served with generous dollops of satire, puppetry, live music and movement.

 Animal Farm features a cast of barnyard animals, designed by Puppet Master Andrew Parchman, and an eclectic blues/folk/industrial score written by Ben Yela. We are pleased to present this fairy tale at the picturesque Trimborn Farm, a Milwaukee County historical site.


The show runs July 7 through 14 at Trinborn Farm on 8881 W. Grange Ave. For more information, visit the Quasimondo online.


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