Lip Sync Competition

Jun. 20, 2014
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Summer opens up on so many strange fringe-like stage performances. There’s an opportunity to go out and see a lot of interesting things. Child of deaf adults/actress/spoken word artist Liysa Callsen is hosting a lip-sync competition this coming Aug. 8 in Manitowoc.

Right away it doesn’t sound like much—kind of a fun high school talent show-type of thing. And it probably WOULD be a little bit like that were it not for the fact that there’s a $100 cash prize for the winner of the contest. Granted, that’s not a HUGE amount of money, but it’s bound to attract people with some real performing talent. There are likely to be costumes and props and things. This could get interesting. Just the kind of off-the-beaten-path type of performance that goes well with a nice late-summer one-day road trip.

Liysa’s Lip-Sync Lip-Off  takes place Friday, Aug. 8 at City Limits on 3627 CTY Road CR in Manitowoc. For tickets and information on how to register for the competition, visit Liysa’s site online.


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