Alchemist Reaches Back to Retro NYC for 2015

Jun. 23, 2014
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The Alchemist Theatre is looking to do something really promising with its 2015 season. It’s still quite a few months away, but the group has already been posting some pretty elaborate looks at its retro future. Witness the promo video for the season from YouTube:


It’s actually a pretty clever idea that really hasn’t been explored in depth: a trilogy of original shows all set in the same fictional space that are all stand-alone stories.  It’s a bit like The Norman Conquests except that the plays don’t appear to be so closely knit together. Characters will be shared between the three plays which all take place in a retro disco/punk/Warhol-era New York City.

Here’s looking forward to the going back to a New York City that never quite happened in the near future. Here’s looking forward to the potential of Alchemist’s New York Stories trilogy. I’m really hoping that this is as good as it looks.

For more information, visit the Alchemist online.


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