Testa Rosa, Chris Porterfield, Liv Mueller, Chris DeMay and More Cover The Wooldridge Brothers

Jul. 17, 2014
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wooldridge brothers
Earlier this summer brothers Scott and Brian Wooldridge passed the cup around on Kickstarter to raise money for two projects at once: their seventh album as the Wooldridge Brothers, and a mostly acoustic debut solo album for Scott. They succeeded, and both of those albums are on the way, but in the meantime they're rewarding fans with a short album called Cover Up, featuring covers of their songs from Milwaukee acts including Testa Rosa, Field Report's Chris Porterfield, Liv Mueller, Mike Benign, Chris DeMay and more. Most surprising of all? An aggressive electronic remix of "Does She Love Me Loud" from Slim Bardins.

You can stream the album below, via Bandcamp. And if you've never heard the original versions of these songs before, you can familiarize yourself with them on Bandcamp as well, on a compilation they've fittingly titled No Cover Up.


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