Deschutes Brewing Comes to Wisconsin

And Goodkind Makes Them Feel Right at Home

Jul. 17, 2014
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Earlier this month the Bend, Oregon brewery Deschutes landed its beers in Wisconsin for the first time. Coincidentally just one week prior, Bay View's much-anticipated restaurant Goodkind opened its doors for the first time unveiling its European-styled menu with a focus on comfort foods.

Uncoincidentally Goodkind gave Deschutes a warm Wisconsin welcome Wednesday night with a pairing event that featured the four Deschutes beers now available in Wisconsin—Chainbreaker White IPA, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Twilight Summer Ale and Black Butte Porter, the nation's top-selling craft porter. We gave it a go.

Chainbreaker White IPA | 5.6% ABV

Pairing: potato blini with crisp prosciutto and lemon ricotta

The creation of the white IPA is commonly credited to Deschutes, so it's hard to say anything bad about this beer. Upfront it brings the right amount of citrus and sweetness of a wheat beer and follows through with the snap of hops you'd expect from a west coast brewery. It's definitely a beer to enjoy during the summer, but luckily for us it will be available year-round.

Should I pick up a sixer? Yes, if only to at least experience the unique style.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale | 5.0% ABV

Pairing: lamb empanada with cucumber, avocado and fennel verde salsa

One of Deschutes' most popular brews, this ought to serve as the poster child of west coast pale ales. It comes off being much more pleasant to drink as opposed to some other pale ales out there, which can take the hops a bit too far. At first taste, the beer is noticeably hop-forward, but the balancing act between bitterness and maltiness has been artfully executed here for some nice drinkability.

Should I pick up a sixer? If you're a fan of pale ales it's not even a question.

Twilight Summer Ale | 5.0% ABV

Pairing: tuna carpaccio with mizuna, sesame and pickled apricots

This pairing was fitting. The bright, sweet and tangy tuna carpaccio went well with the clean and crisp blonde ale brewed just for the summer season. It's easy to snub this beer when compared to the three other options that night, but sometimes less is more. And in summer, it almost always is.

Should I pick up a sixer? I'd suggest a local summer ale first, but this is safe for a day on the lake.

Black Butte Porter | 5.2% ABV

Pairing: fernet ice cream with candied orange peel and shortbread

Porters can often be the most complex beers out there as the style lends itself to a variety of similar, but very different flavors. Generally, most good porters find ways to balance a bitter chocolate note with waves of smokiness, sweetness and coffee. The best porters, though, find a way to incorporate these flavors with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, which is where Black Butte stands out from the pack. Its unique chocolate opening also served as a satisfying complement to the candied orange peel in Goodkind's well thought out pairing.

Should I pick up a sixer? This is Deschutes' flagship beer, so it's only right.

Want to know where to get your hands on their beer? You can head to for a full list of which stores sell it and which bars serve it. 

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