Good lord...

May. 8, 2008
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Ned does it again:

In this article on entertainingly titled "Brewers hitters aim to become All-Stars"  there is tidbit:

"The upcoming homestand also features the return of the team's 'Spring Madness' campaign, which includes discounted tickets and $1 hot dogs and small sodas throughout the Cardinals series.

That means the stands will be packed all weekend, and maybe that's what it will take to spark the sluggish Brewers. Things hit something of a low point on Wednesday, when manager Ned Yost called a rare team meeting to clear the air.

Generally, Yost is not a fan of team meetings.

'I think you hold team meetings if guys aren't hustling, or guys aren't mentally focused and prepared to go out and compete," Yost said. "Our guys are never there. They always hustle. They always go out and compete. There's no need to hold a meeting.'"

There was another article about the lineup changes where Yost insists that his team doesn't need a "shakeup."

This was not a "shakeup," Brewers manager Ned Yost said on Thursday, when he rested his three regular players with the highest on-base percentages.

But the lineup will change if the current configuration continues to slump.

"A shakeup wasn't intended," Yost said. "If this continues, obviously, we're going to have to shake the lineup up a little bit. We're going to have to move some guys around. I'm not ready to do that yet."

He might be ready if things don't improve against the Cardinals this weekend. After his club lost its sixth straight game and manufactured just two runs with nine hits, Yost said he would re-examine the issue on Monday if the Brewers don't have a breakout game or two.

"Then, maybe," he said. "But not right now."


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