Good Luck to those Auditioning at Broadway Theatre Center Next Tuesday

Jul. 19, 2014
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Those milling about certain blocks in downtown Milwaukee might expect to run into a professional performer or two during the regular theater season. There will be an unusually high concentration of talent in and around the Broadway Theatre Center on the afternoon of July 22 as Renaissance Theaterworks hosts the Broadway Theatre Center Auditions.

The auditions aren’t open to the general public. The list of those auditioning had been up on the events’ Sign Up Genius page the day when it had opened on July 9. It would be silly to mention individual names, but there is going to be some really impressive talent looking for work on July 22.

The increased connectivity that comes with the growing use of social media by local theatre groups fosters this great sense of community that the local community can really benefit from. Decisions may be made on the afternoon of July 22 that may effect the casts of future shows and the careers of various local actors.  No matter how stressful that afternoon may or may not end up being for you, consider what that afternoon is going to be like for the 57 people who will be auditioning for paying work onstage.

For more information about the Broadway Theatre Center, visit the the venue online


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