New Marquette Poll Shows Walker and Burke Tied

Jul. 23, 2014
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This can’t be good news for Gov. Scott Walker. 

The just-released Marquette University Law School poll shows him neck and neck with his likely Democratic challenger, Mary Burke. Among registered voters, he leads by 1%, 46%-45%. Among likely voters, Burke beats him by 1%, 47%-46%.

The results come on the heels of some pretty tough headlines for both candidates.

Walker’s been dogged by the second John Doe investigation, currently playing out in the courts, with the release of documents alleging that he personally was involved in what prosecutors called a nationwide “criminal scheme.”

Walker doesn’t deny working with allegedly independent groups and claims that everything that went down was legal.

The new job numbers aren’t working in his favor, either. Wisconsin actually lost 1,200 private-sector jobs in June, according to the latest data release.

Then there are his attacks on Mary Burke and her family’s business, Trek.

Walker had supported the Waterloo-based company until Burke decided to run for governor. Now he’s bashing Trek—and Burke—for employing people in China. Nevermind that his WEDC has given taxpayer support to companies that did the very same thing.

It’s sort of interesting that Walker has gone negative on Burke so early. Either he was trying to wipe her out quickly so he could do a quick victory lap or he was panicking over bad poll numbers.

From the looks of today’s Marquette poll, it’s probably the numbers.

I’ll have more on this as I take a look at the details of the Marquette poll.


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